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Terms and conditions of sale

1) General:
a. These conditions override any Conditions stipulated by the Buyer unless they are expressly accepted by the seller in writing. No variation of any these Conditions bind the Seller unless expressly accepted by the Seller in writing.
b. The placing of an order with the Seller is deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions by the Buyer.
c. These Conditions supersede any earlier sets of Conditions appearing in the Seller’s catalogues or elsewhere and any conditions referred to in any negotiation unless expressly agreed by the Seller in writing.

2) Quotations:
a. Quotations for the supply of the Seller’s labour or services or goods supplied/manufactured by the Seller are valid for 28 days from the date of quotation. Quotations for goods manufactured by other suppliers are sold subject to prices ruling at the date of despatch to the Seller and may be increased and decreased accordingly.
b. Quotations may be withdrawn or varied by the Seller within the 28 days period by written or oral notice at any time before acceptance by the Buyer.
c. Prices included in quotations are applicable only if an order is placed covering the whole quotation; if an order is placed for only part of the quotation the Seller reserves the right to re-quote.

a. Prices charged are those ruling at the date of despatch to the Buyer and are subject to V.A.T. and any other government duty or tax applicable unless otherwise stated in writing by the Seller.
b. In the event of any alteration being required by the Buyer in design specifications or quantity the Seller is entitled to vary the price.

a. Unless otherwise previously agreed in writing payment is to be against an irrevocable LC, payable at sight and confirmed by a germen Bank. For documentary credits as well as for documentary collections the buyer as well as the seller bear the corresponding own banking charges. If the time of payment will be transgressed the buyer has to pay interest for the delay according to the current account interest rate of the bank of the creditor which is valid at that time as well as the fees for the reminder. The claim for a further loss due to the delay remains expressly reserved.
b. The Seller is entitled to suspend manufacture or delivery or to cancel any order for a Buyer whose account is overdue.
c. Without prejudice to Condition 10 hereof, the goods remain the Seller’s property until the price has been paid in full (each order being considered as a whole) or until re-sale, in which case the Seller’s beneficial interest shall attach to the proceeds of re-sale or to the claim for such proceeds. A cheque given by or in behalf of the Buyer in payment is not treated as a discharge until it has cleared. 
d. Not withstanding the above Conditions the Seller reserves the right to stop credit at any time and to call for immediate full payment for the goods delivered or work done.

a. The time of delivery shall not commence until the later of either the date of the Seller’s confirmation of an order or the receipt by the Seller of all necessary information to enable the Seller to proceed with the order.
b. Any time or date of delivery named by the Seller is intended as an estimate only and is not the essence of the contract.
c. If any cause outside the Seller’s control or any labour dispute or any unforeseen contingency (whether in the Seller’s premises or elsewhere) render it impracticable for the Seller to execute any order or to deliver within a reasonable time the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order.
d. The Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage whether direct indirect or consequential to any property caused by or arising out of or connected with any delay in the delivery or failure to execute an order or to deliver the goods ordered or any cancellation of the contract pursuant to sub clause (c) hereof.
e. The Seller will endeavour to comply with any reasonable requests by the Buyer for the postponement of delivery but shall be under no obligation to do so. Where delivery is post phoned at the Buyer’s request the Buyer shall pay all costs and expenses including a reasonable charge for storage and transportation occasioned thereby.

If goods to be supplied by the Seller are new, the following provisions shall effect:
a. These Conditions and the delivery of the goods shall be subject to any terms and Conditions which the manufacturer or concessionaire may form time to time lawfully attach to the supply of the goods or the re-sale of such goods by the Seller. The Seller shall not be liable for any failure to deliver the goods occasioned by his inability to obtain them form the manufacturer or concessionaire or by his compliance with such terms and Conditions. A copy of the terms and Conditions currently attached by the manufacturer or concessionaire may be inspected at the Seller’s office.
b. The Seller undertakes that he will ensure the pre-delivery work specified by the manufacturer or concessionaire is performed and that he will use his best endeavours to obtain for the Buyer from the manufacturer or concessionaire the benefit of any warranty or guarantee given by him to the Seller or to the Buyer in respect of the goods.
c. In the event of the manufacturer of the goods described in the order ceasing to make goods of that type, the Seller many (whether the estimated delivery date has arrived or not) by notice in writing to the Buyer cancel the contract.
d. If the contract is cancelled under the provisions of this condition, the deposit (if any) shall be returned to the Buyer and the Seller shall be under no further liability.

7) Merchantability and Fitness for Purpose:
a. The Buyer assumes the entire responsibility for the goods being suitable for his or any particular purpose and no terms may be implied herein as to their suitability for any particular purpose.
b. In the event of any goods not being of merchantable quality on leaving the Seller’s premises, the Seller will, at its option, either replace the same or give credit at invoice value. Beyond this the Seller accepts no liability whatsoever for any defects in the goods rendering the same unmerchantable. Without limiting the foregoing, the Seller will not in any circumstances be liable for any claim whatsoever for any labour, transport or other expenses incurred by the Buyer in such replacement or for the loss of profit arising out of or in connection with any loss of damage of property whether arising from defects, failure to comply with specifications or otherwise howsoever.
c. Goods replaced shall become the Seller’s property.
d. The terms of this Condition are in Lieu of all Conditions, warranties and other terms as to description, fitness for purpose, condition, merchantability, quality or otherwise in respect of the goods whether expressed in the contract or implied by the common law, statute, trade, usage or custom and notwithstanding such purpose may be, may have become or many have been known to the Seller.

If any goods supplied by the Seller or any part thereof are found to be of defective workmanship or material so as to entitle the Seller to have them replaced or repaired by the manufacturer, the Seller undertakes to do so. Provided, however, that the Seller shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever for any transport, labour or other costs and expenses incurred by the Buyer in such replacement or repairs which are not recoverable from the manufacturer and where such costs and expenses are incurred by the Seller, the buyer will repay to the Seller such costs and expenses as are not recoverable from the manufacturer and provided also that if owing to the failure of the Buyer to comply with any terms imposed by the manufacturer, the manufacturer is not bound to replace or repair, the Seller shall be under no liability to the Buyer.

9) Shortages and Defects Apparent on Inspection:
a. The Buyer shall have no rights or claim for shortages or defects apparent on inspection unless (i) the Buyer inspects the goods immediately on arrival at its premises and (ii) a written complaint (otherwise than by a qualified signature on the delivery note) is made to the Seller within 7 days of receipt of goods and (iii) the Seller is given an opportunity to inspect the goods and investigate any complains before any use is made of the goods. If the claim is not made to the Seller as is provided by this Condition then the goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with these Conditions and the Buyer shall be bound to these Conditions and the Buyer shall be bound to pay for the same accordingly.
b. Clerical errors are subject to correction, claims for errors must be made within 7 days of receipt of the goods.

Unless there is prior written agreement, items returned will not be accepted for credit.

a. Where goods are collected by or on behalf of the Buyer from the Seller’s premises, the goods are at the sole risk of the Buyer from the time when the goods are loaded. 
b. Where the Seller delivers the goods at the Buyer’s premises or at some place which he directs, the goods are at the sole risk of the Buyer from the time of delivery at the premises or place aforesaid.
c. Where the goods are delivered by the Seller or Seller’s agent to a carrier, the goods are at the sole risk of the Buyer from the time of delivery to the carrier.

If the Buyer shall make default in or commit any breach of his obligations or being an individual or partnership commit any act of bankruptcy or have a receiving order made or being a limited company, goes into liquidation (otherwise than as solvent company for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation) or having a petition for winding up filed against it or have a Receiver or Manager of the whole or any part of its undertaking, property or assets appointed or enters into a composition with or for the benefit of his creditors or have any execution or distress levied on his goods or property, the Seller shall have the right for with to determine any contract then subsisting between the Buyer and the Seller (without prejudice to any claim or right which the Seller might otherwise make or exercise) and neither the Buyer nor any other person shall have the right to recover compensation or damages from the Seller by reason of such determination.

a. Orders can not be cancelled or altered except with the written consent of the Seller and on terms which indemnify the Seller against all loss and expenses.
b. If advance payment is effected by the Buyer being part of payment term agreed on between Buyer and Seller, and in case of order cancellation on part of the Buyer without consent of the Seller, the Seller is entitled to charge the Buyer the full amount of the effected Advance payment being order cancellation charges.
c. If the buyer does not take off the contracted item, the seller has the right to insist on an immediate take off and on payment or the Seller can give the Buyer an adequate extension period. After expiry of this extension period the Seller can otherwise dispose of the contracted item and supply to the buyer within a suitable extended space of time. Unaffected there from remain the Sellers rights on the basis of § 326 "BGB" ("Code of Civil Law") to withdraw from the contract or to claim for damages because of non-performance (non-fulfilment) of the contract. If the Seller claims for damages because of non-performance, the Seller has the right to demand 25% of the contracted prices with the addition of value-added tax as compensation without proof, in case the Buyer will not proof himself that only an essential lower loss has been caused to us. The Seller reserves the right to claim for a higher compensation as far as it has been caused to him.

An extra charge will be made on small orders or any special or express delivery requirements by the Buyer. Cases or other special packing and containers will be charged separately and are due for payment in accordance with the conditions as to payment herein. A credit or refund will subsequently be allowed for cases and other containers returned to the Seller’s premises carriage paid and in good condition less cost of return carriage to the manufacturer.

If any statement or representation has been made to the Buyer other than in documents enclosed with the Seller’s quotation, upon which the Buyer relies, the Buyer must set out the statement or representation in a document to be attached to or endorsed on the order in which case the seller may clarify the point and submit a new quotation.

a. Where goods are made to the Buyer’s specification pattern or design, the Buyer is deemed to undertake to indemnify the Seller against any loss, damages or expenses which the Seller may incur (whether in respect of any proceedings or otherwise) by reason of any infringement of any Patent or Registered Design in any Country.
b. In the cast of goods made specially or to the Buyers pattern, the Seller reserves the right to supply 10% more or less than the quantity ordered and the Seller will adjust its charges pro rata accordingly. Once manufacture of such special goods is commenced, cancellation by the Buyer can not be accepted in any circumstances.
c. Where tools or dies shall be made specially to produce goods to Buyer’s pattern, such tools or dies shall not become the property of the Buyer unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.
d. The Seller reserves the right to modify the characteristics of products as well as to modify or suppress models. The illustrations in our catalogues and brochures have only the aim to show and represent the individual items and do not constitute an obligation of a faithful execution. Details, sizes and weights indicated are to be considered as approximate. Therefore, the Seller will not accept liability in relation to the above and as a consequence the Seller shall not accept any claims for damages of any kind.

If the Seller agrees to carry out work on a Buyer’s own material or to store a Buyer’s goods after an invoice has been presented for the goods, such materials or goods will be held at the Buyer’s risk and the Seller will not be responsible for damage by accident, fire, flood, deterioration or any other cause.

Any notice given under these conditions must be in writing and sent by post to the last know residence or place of business of the person to whom it is addressed and shall be deemed to have been received in due course of post.

When cleaning the Seller’s Taps and Fittings, no detergent, abrasive or soap are to be used. As this can damage their surface. Therefore it is suggested that the Taps and Fittings are to be cleaned with water and then dried with a soft cloth.

a. These Conditions and the contract shall be subject to and construed in accordance with Germen Law.
b. Any legal proceedings against the Seller or Buyer arising out of or in connection of these Conditions and the contract must be brought in the Courts of Hamburg in Germany. 
c. The heading of the clauses of these Conditions shall not affect the construction of these Conditions.

* Corporate Identity
almanit sanitary gmbh
Papenstrasse 23
D-22089 Hamburg
Telefon: 0049(0)40-2513347
Telefax: 0049(0)40-2513681
Geschäftsführer: A. Obaid
GmbH: Registernummer HRB 27279 Amtsgericht Hamburg
USt-ID Nr. DE118634881

* Standards & Norms

Our products comply with the following Germany & European Standards:
EN 200: Sanitary taps — General technical specification for single taps and mixer taps.
EN 246: Sanitary taps — General specification for flow rate Regulator.
EN 248: Sanitary taps — General technical specifications for Electro deposited nickel chrome Coatings.
EN 817: Sanitary taps — Mechanical mixers (PN10-General technical specifications (For single control mixing valve and other separate mixing valves).
EN 816: Sanitary taps — Thermostatic & Temporized taps.
EN 60742: Sanitary taps — Sensor taps.
EN 1113: Hand Shower Sets.
EN 3822-2: Bathroom Accessories, brass.
DIN 52218 & EN ISO 3822-2: Sanitary taps — General technical specifications for single and 2-handle taps.
DIN 19545 & DIN EN 411: Traps and Wastes, brass.
EN 411 & DIN 1997 / 19545: Traps and Wastes, plastic.
EN 274 & CSA 22944B/87: Bath Wastes and Over-flows.
DIN 1389 & DIN 1380: WC Trap-Connections, drainers.
DIN 18024 & DIN 18025: concealed cisterns.
EN 13828: ball valves, strainers.
DIN 2999: brass fittings.




* Quality Specifications

The product range of our company includes a wide selection of sanitary faucets as well as the accompanying sanitary equipment, the production process of which pays
maximum attention to quality and continuous improvement of the output.

'almanit' follows a strict selection of materials and components from the best global manufacturers, control of their chemical composition, physical parameters and production technologies in order to fully comply with the quality standards. It also includes a 100% verification of manufactured products before they reach the hands of
the buyer.


The technical and quality requirements of our faucet products are summarized as per the followings:

1. The thickness of electroplate:
- Nickel plate can be optionally supplied in the versions: 3-4um (standard), or 6-8um, or 10-12um
- Chrome plate can be optionally suppied in the versions: 0,15um (standard) or 0,25um

2. Coating quality:
2.1 Corrosion resistance testing-Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS test) is 200 hours. Upon completion of the salt spray test, apparent surfaces shall not show any defect.
2.2 Coating adherence test-sectioning test: After testing has been carried out at three different places, there shall be neither peeling nor separation for coating.

3. The cartridges (head-part) used for our one lever faucets are of precise functioning with highest reliability with ceramic discs and a noise level 'B', which does not exceed 25db, in accordance with European regulations and ACS certification standards. The cartridges are designed to withstand frequent use of at least 70.000 cycles for opening and closing. By request, ceramic cartridges from SEDAL, or thermostatic cartridges from Vernet can be used.

4. The minimum flow pressure to activate the diverter function in our bath/shower mixer is 0.05Mpa (0.5bar) which is comply to European and international Standard.

5. Our faucets specification:
- Test pressure: 1.2Mpa (12bar)
- Flow pressure: Min. 0.05Mpa (0.5bar) - Max. 1.0Mpa (10bar)
- Recommended pressure: 0.1Mpa to 0.4Mpa (1 to 4 bar)
- Temperature at hot water inlet: Max.90°C

6. 'almanit' faucets are made from cast brass BS59. The lead composition of our brass is not exceeding 1.6% which complies to German and European standard. Brass, as a material, has antibacterial characteristics, thereby it improves the quality of drinking water.

7. 'almanit' faucets are available in a wide range of colors and color combinations:

Chrome Plated Black / Chrome Matt Black Black / Rose Gold Brushed Gold Rose Gold
* Product Features 

We committed to the use of environmental protection and energy saving technology in the production of our products. We widely adopted the use of new materials and new technologies in the field of sanitary fittings manufacturing.


The internal structure is precise, which is consistent with the principles of fluid mechanics, the precision internal structure and the design has ensured the silent and meticulous.

Several ofappearance and utility model patents and invention patents, which have made outstanding contribution for the technology innovation of sanitary fittings and the developrnent of home furnishing culture. 

The unique Valve core is made from an advanced ceramic alloy in the dosed environment coated with special lubricating. The special storage tank design can ensure that the product is smooth for use as new for years. 

The Five-layer electroplating creates extremely deep and uniform coatings, and meanwhile the molecular structures between the coatings of copper, nickel and chrome plating are very dense, which makes it bright as a mirror, shining, dustproof, antifouling and able to resist scratches and never fade. 

Basin and kitchen faucet all has constant flowing bubbler which has overcome the traditional bubbler's disadvantages of larger pressure and lager flow. When the water pressure is above 0.14 Mpa, it has constant water flow which saves over 30% of water resou aces. 


All the day water is being used inside our homes in considerable quantities. It's estimated that over 70% of indoor water use takes place in the bathroom (example: when using the basin faucet, the shower faucet, the bidet faucet, the toilet … etc.). The bathroom is the main area for our water use and overuse. Thus, if we intend to save water consumption, the bathroom is the place to start with. 

Reducing the water consumption means also reducing the energy required to heat it, so obtaining a reduction of CO2 emissions. 

By using eco-friendly water-saving customized products with water and energy saving accessories, we can help to protect the environment and the climate. At the same time maintain having quality products that secures end-user with a top performance.


Eco-Stop Cartridges

Using a bathroom / kitchen faucet with an Eco-Stop ceramic cartridge can reduce about 50% of the water and energy consumption without compromising the end-user's needs and expectations. 

When using a standard cartridge and due to aesthetic and symmetrical reasons, the lever of the mixer is normally left in the central position and then opened and closed in such position where we would have warm water (between the hot and cold). But when using an Eco-Stop cartridge, the relationship between the position of the lever and the water temperature is such that, when the lever is in the central position, the water comes out cold. When the lever is turned to the left, the water becomes hot. The fact that the cold water flow starts at the central position helps to save both water and energy. 

There are two brake mechanisms built into an Eco-Stop cartridge. These brakes are activated respectively once the temperature reaches 38°C, and the flow capacity reaches 9 l/min.

  1. When turning the faucet lever to the left, the user will feel some resistance at a certain point. This is the point at which the water temperature has hit approximately 38°C.
  2. When a faucet with an Eco-Stop cartridge is opened, an automatic brake applies itself at the point at which the water capacity reaches 9 l/min. This flow is normally enough to satisfy any day-to-day need, but should the user find capacity too low, they can simply overcome the brake to increase the flow. This prevents the user getting too much water when it is not required and therefore saves on water usage.


Flow Regulating Aerators 

Flow regulators are used in faucets, kitchen sprays, showerheads and shower hand sprays to meet flow requirements and to help save water and energy without sacrificing comfort of use. By diluting the water stream with air, aerators significantly reduce the volume of water flowing from the faucet. They do this while maintaining the feeling of a high-pressure flow. The intensity of the water jet is the same: only the quantity of water changes because of the addition of air. 

The low water flow aerator has a 7,5 l/min flow at a 3 bar pressure. It belongs to class Z. The common aerators have a flow of about 17 l/min at a 3 bar pressure and they belong to class S.


For the bathroom taps, wash basin and bidet faucets, and for the kitchen taps we can supply our products with an aerator giving the flow rate of 6 l/min which is in accordance with most standards. Lower values can be reached when requested. Please contact us for more details.


Flow Regulating Washers

the shower heads, hand showers and connection hoses could be supplied with Flow Regulating Washers allowing a MAX flow rate of about 8 l/min which is in accordance with most standards.

Installation Works

Many faucet problems are related to the installation itself. Often there is a desire to do a faucet installation by end user, which provides good results, if user is following the instructions and doing the work with prudence and precision. If this is done quickly and carelessly, without prior knowledge, when trying to put the faucet together like a PUZZLE, some parts may be lost, some may be damaged or incorrectly installed. The most common consequence of this behavior will be leaking faucet, the lack of water pressure and a damaged faucet appearance. The newly installed faucet can be removed and install it again, after carefully cleaning the previously used surfaces, but there are cases where a faucet repair or replacement is required. We recommend that, if use is not sure about the success of the faucet installation, it is better to entrust this work to the plumber.



Leaking or dripping is one of the most common problems that can be encountered on a daily basis, which is also the easiest to see. Leaking of water can be detected along the faucet eccentrics (mounting on the wall), under the faucet handle and at the aerator (strainer at the end of the spout), or by flexible hoses under the sink. Often the problem is solvable at home, simply by tightening stronger the leaking place. But there are cases where a faucet repair or replacement is required.


Water Pressure

Decreased or inadequate water pressure similar to leaking is a characteristic problem of faucets. First, it may be due to the buildings common water pipe, a water filter, or some other with faucet unrelated factor. For faucets, one of the most common reasons is a molded aerator (strainer at the end of the spout) or an aerator clogged with various rubbish from a dirty water pipe. This kind of problem is like a time bomb, because often the pressure up to the aerator is adequate, but taking into account the flow of the aerator, it is elevated. This means that water pressure in the faucet may be higher than intended by the faucet manufacturer, and this problem can lead to much greater consequences – the bursting of the spout or the faucet body itself. We recommend cleaning the aerator whenever it seems that water pressure has even a little bit decreased.


Tarnishing of faucets

If faucet is used for a long period of time, there can be tarnishing of individual parts of the faucet body. This, of course, damages the quality of water and faucet functionality. Sometimes faucet’s spout or flexible hose can tarnish. If user detects such condition, we recommend to urgently replace these parts because the quality of drinking water is important for everyone’s health.

Our faucets do not have such problems because the faucet bodies are made from brass. Brass as a material has antibacterial qualities, which means that it improves the quality of drinking water and ensures that we receive water without harmful impurities. On the market there are also zinc and stainless steel faucets. For these faucets the problem of tarnishing is more typical.


Care Instructions

we recommend the use of water and neutral soap for cleaning surface, dry using a soft cloth.

Avoid lime spots by drying the faucet each time after use.

Do not use any abrasive sponges or scouring agents for cleaning.

Do not use cleaning agents containing solvent or acid, lime scale removers or any cleaning agents with acetic acid in them.

Not following above instructions could leave your faucet dull and scratched.


almanit sanitary gmbh
Papenstarsse 23
22089 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 2513347
Fax: + 49 40 2513681
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.