* Standards & Norms

Our products comply with the following Germany & European Standards:
EN 200: Sanitary taps — General technical specification for single taps and mixer taps.
EN 246: Sanitary taps — General specification for flow rate Regulator.
EN 248: Sanitary taps — General technical specifications for Electro deposited nickel chrome Coatings.
EN 817: Sanitary taps — Mechanical mixers (PN10-General technical specifications (For single control mixing valve and other separate mixing valves).
EN 816: Sanitary taps — Thermostatic & Temporized taps.
EN 60742: Sanitary taps — Sensor taps.
EN 1113: Hand Shower Sets.
EN 3822-2: Bathroom Accessories, brass.
DIN 52218 & EN ISO 3822-2: Sanitary taps — General technical specifications for single and 2-handle taps.
DIN 19545 & DIN EN 411: Traps and Wastes, brass.
EN 411 & DIN 1997 / 19545: Traps and Wastes, plastic.
EN 274 & CSA 22944B/87: Bath Wastes and Over-flows.
DIN 1389 & DIN 1380: WC Trap-Connections, drainers.
DIN 18024 & DIN 18025: concealed cisterns.
EN 13828: ball valves, strainers.
DIN 2999: brass fittings.




* Quality Specifications

The product range of our company includes a wide selection of sanitary faucets as well as the accompanying sanitary equipment, the production process of which pays
maximum attention to quality and continuous improvement of the output.

'almanit' follows a strict selection of materials and components from the best global manufacturers, control of their chemical composition, physical parameters and production technologies in order to fully comply with the quality standards. It also includes a 100% verification of manufactured products before they reach the hands of
the buyer.


The technical and quality requirements of our faucet products are summarized as per the followings:

1. The thickness of electroplate:
- Nickel plate can be optionally supplied in the versions: 3-4um (standard), or 6-8um, or 10-12um
- Chrome plate can be optionally suppied in the versions: 0,15um (standard) or 0,25um

2. Coating quality:
2.1 Corrosion resistance testing-Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS test) is 200 hours. Upon completion of the salt spray test, apparent surfaces shall not show any defect.
2.2 Coating adherence test-sectioning test: After testing has been carried out at three different places, there shall be neither peeling nor separation for coating.

3. The cartridges (head-part) used for our one lever faucets are of precise functioning with highest reliability with ceramic discs and a noise level 'B', which does not exceed 25db, in accordance with European regulations and ACS certification standards. The cartridges are designed to withstand frequent use of at least 70.000 cycles for opening and closing. By request, ceramic cartridges from SEDAL, or thermostatic cartridges from Vernet can be used.

4. The minimum flow pressure to activate the diverter function in our bath/shower mixer is 0.05Mpa (0.5bar) which is comply to European and international Standard.

5. Our faucets specification:
- Test pressure: 1.2Mpa (12bar)
- Flow pressure: Min. 0.05Mpa (0.5bar) - Max. 1.0Mpa (10bar)
- Recommended pressure: 0.1Mpa to 0.4Mpa (1 to 4 bar)
- Temperature at hot water inlet: Max.90°C

6. 'almanit' faucets are made from cast brass BS59. The lead composition of our brass is not exceeding 1.6% which complies to German and European standard. Brass, as a material, has antibacterial characteristics, thereby it improves the quality of drinking water. 


* Product Features 

We committed to the use of environmental protection and energy saving technology in the production of our products. We widely adopted the use of new materials and new technologies in the field of sanitary fittings manufacturing.


The internal structure is precise, which is consistent with the principles of fluid mechanics, the precision internal structure and the design has ensured the silent and meticulous.

Several ofappearance and utility model patents and invention patents, which have made outstanding contribution for the technology innovation of sanitary fittings and the developrnent of home furnishing culture. 

The unique Valve core is made from an advanced ceramic alloy in the dosed environment coated with special lubricating. The special storage tank design can ensure that the product is smooth for use as new for years. 

The Five-layer electroplating creates extremely deep and uniform coatings, and meanwhile the molecular structures between the coatings of copper, nickel and chrome plating are very dense, which makes it bright as a mirror, shining, dustproof, antifouling and able to resist scratches and never fade. 

Basin and kitchen faucet all has constant flowing bubbler which has overcome the traditional bubbler's disadvantages of larger pressure and lager flow. When the water pressure is above 0.14 Mpa, it has constant water flow which saves over 30% of water resou aces.